Our History

Company formation

The company SOILTEC GmbH was founded on April 11, 1984 and registered on April 15, 1984 in the register court Achim under HRB 424. Company founder Mr. Günter Birkenfeld and his wife Ulrike Birkenfeld acquired a sales office at Embser Landstrasse 31
in Achim.

1984 - 1989:
Company development

Company activity began with the sale of so-called soil improvement materials, mainly for export, with good contacts that Mr. Birkenfeld had from previous business activities. The product range mainly consisted of the sale of drainage pipes with accessories as well as natural fiber mats for erosion protection, greening and plant protection (Greenfix) in countries such as Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain with Scotland and Ireland, as well as Middle East countries.

1987 - 1989:
New perspectives

When his son Thomas returned from the USA on January 15, 1987, after having successfully completed an apprenticeship as an export salesman and after spending a year in the USA, the program was expanded to include spare parts sales for the industrial and local transport sectors. The best contacts to Southeast Asia and the USA allowed this TEC area to flourish in an unexpected way, so that in 1989 the first additional employee could be hired.

1993 - 1999:
The company expands

In the meantime, the customer base could be expanded worldwide, as the spare parts sector also served other specialist areas, such as the American wood industry and amusement parks, which were mainly dependent on parts from Germany. On July 1st, 1993, Mr. Kai Tietjen was hired as a further employee, who was then followed in 1999 by Ms. Birgit Ehlers to support Ms. Ulrike Birkenfeld in the accounting department. The first apprenticeship training that Mr. Tietjen took over followed with regular apprenticeships.

2000 - 2004:
A new company building

Since the company premises in Embser Landstr. 31 were now too small, a new office building with warehouse in the Achim-Uesen business park, Neue Finien 7a, could be moved into in spring 2004. In the meantime, son Thomas has taken over the company's fortunes and the company currently has a staff of 17 from cleaning staff to boss Birkenfeld Jr., who replaced the senior boss on September 4, 2000 and is successfully leading the company into the future.

Since 2003:

Since 2003 SOILTEC has been dealing with another product area called GEOZELLEN, which, in addition to GREENFIX products, expanded the SOIL-BIO-Engineering area. As of April 18, 2008, Mr. Soil-Bio Engineering with the products Greenfix + Geo-cells is included in the management.

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