What makes us different?

Reliability, Experience, Results

Printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies, hardware components, gears, replacement parts… There’s almost nothing that our engineers can’t procure on your behalf. We also accommodate special requests: we’re here for you whether you need perfect reproduction pieces or authentic components from premium international brands.

We can similarly support your team with the servicing and maintaining of your machinery. Our lean corporate structure and outstanding network of contacts enable us to offer exceptional products and
services at reasonable prices – and all while guaranteeing rapid and reliable delivery.

Our Competencies

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  • Project management from enquiry to installation

  • Procurement of replacement parts, assemblies and engines

  • Redesign of components based on samples

  • Logistics and delivery worldwide (incl. export and consignment note processing etc.)

  • On-site replacement, installation and fitting

  • Professional servicing management

  • Mediation and consultation

  • Installation training

Mass Transit & Geosystems

How do highly specialized mass transit spare parts, installation and engineering services mix with erosion protection, soil stabilization in civil engineering, road construction and „Green Kiss Solutions“? Admittedly, it is a long leap. When railway traffic customers report problems with damaged slopes and insufficient load bearing capacity of the soil, or the challenge of transporting machinery to construction sites in the Algerian desert interrupt the intended subject of a meeting with customers, our creativity cannot be restrained any longer.

Thus, today SOILTEC is a bipartite business, which has unleashed its inventiveness and added to the original business segment of mass transit (technical products) a seemingly disparate segment, Geosystems. The company name SOILTEC expresses this, as it is a creative word from „soil“ and „tec (technic, technology)“.

24 / 7 Contact

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